About us - Handeful

After 19th year professional experience in weighing and sensor industrial, Avery Y decided to build a product that to improve and help people to measure and monitor hand grip strength. He recognised most current hand strength dynamometer either too expensive for daily use or less accurate to trust. The existing models require user to vertical hand grip angle only. If gripping angle is not vertical to the sensor, the power reading is vary every time. 

The series of devices was designed in latest stain gange technology into a very compact size ABS plastic body. The advance Handeful stain gange technology can measure hand grip in all angle hand power, so that everyone can easy to grip for accurate strength measurement.

We all know how we use our hands and fingers for detail, in life, work, love, sex and much more. 

Handeful Store  & Club is an online social community and place for sharing your story and experiences to how you use hands and fingers. The site for shopping, as well as training courses. 

Handeful, for your hands and for wonderful life.


--- Avery Y.