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Measure accurately by Handeful Hand Grip Dynamometer

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Handeful Hand Grip Meter HFHD01

How hard is your hand grip?

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Our favorite and top pick for the best hand dynamometer around is the sleek, the functional, and the massively reliable this Digital Hand Dynamometer. For both climbing, other sports, and even injury rehab, it provides everything you need from a hand strength training device.

It’s accurate, while the user friendly design means anyone, regardless of age, experience, or technology-proficiency to ensure satisfied customers across the board. The fast reading ensures no wasted time, the adjustable handles means there’s the chance to test everyone’s grip strength, with no chance for excuses.

Jordan Carter / GEARHUNGRY

This dynamometer is suitable for those involved in strength training, or participants in sports in which the hands are used for catching, throwing or lifting such as gymnasts, tennis players and rock climbers. Hand grip strength is also a good indicator of general body strength, and is commonly used in fitness testing.


As an occupational therapist, I am very familiar with dynamometers. This one is the exact style and make I've used in clinics, that cost upwards of $200. I was very happy to be able to add it to my arsenal at such a great price! It arrived packaged well in a nice reusable storage box, is durable and has held up to my somewhat careless storage habits :-). it has the ability to preset various gender/age settings and the machine will provide a rough Norm based on the patient's performance (weak, normal, strong). very simplistic and user-friendly set up.